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A great skin-care regimen is a delicate balance between the luxurious feel of a product and its illuminating benefits.

Old-world beauties have understood this for centuries, which Princess Theodora von Auersperg discovered when researching her own lineage of Austrian nobility, dating back to the 1100s. Today, her Princess Theodora skin-care line uses fine botanicals mixed with rose water and precious, essential oils such as rose absolute to create skin-soothing and complexion-enriching formulas.

Gentle Rose-Milk Cleanser ($60) combines rose absolute, aloe, milk, chamomile and lavender in a non-drying, makeup-removing cleanser; Replenishing Rose Cream ($130) is a moisture-drench of rose water, rose absolute, coconut, jojoba and neem oils, suitable for day and night; Botanical Hand Lotion ($65) adds vitamin E to aloe, jojoba and rose water.

All products use aromatherapy to relax as well as nourish, and they're formulated to synergistically work together. And now a special offer makes the noblewoman's beauty regimen full of added value: Princess Theodora is offering PureWow subscribers a complimentary gift--a full-size Restoring Lip Cream (a $40 retail product)--as well as free shipping, with purchases of $150 or more. Along with her other luscious formulas, it takes self-indulgence to a new and beautiful place.

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