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As weekend warrior hikers, we regularly enjoy a Saturday morning jaunt through Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon. But the same old trails--and the congestion of latte-clutching, Lycra-clad crowds--have us longing for fresh horizons.

Luckily, we?ve discovered Modern Hiker, a new app from the website of the same name

The app lists 27 of the best hikes in the Los Angeles area, lasting from one hour to all day. Recommendations range from the West Side (an 11.4-mile loop around Sycamore Canyon in the Santa Monica hills) to the far east (a three-mile climb atop Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park), and hikes are categorized by their difficulty and steepness.

Each listing includes detailed explanations, photos, directions and maps. Most helpful for the directionally challenged among us, the app has GPS capability and turn-by-turn guidance to the trailhead. 

Since all the intel comes from the Modern Hiker website, which has been giving out trusted advice since 2005, we feel pretty confident about the recommendations. In other words, we?re ready to hit the new expanses of chaparral with nothing but a pair of good boots, a Camelbak and a fully charged phone.

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