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We like bangs--on a good day they make us feel girlish, on a bad day we?re happy to have more hair to hide behind. But they require frequent trims to look the way we want them to, and we?re a disaster at cutting them ourselves. 

Now we can stop by Beverly Hills salon the Private Room, where a new Bang Station service accepts walk-ins for quick fringe benefits. 

On a recent weekday, we stopped by the silver-and-white salon for a shaping of our grown-out bangs. We weren?t sure how to describe what we were after, or even if we wanted a whole new shape (perhaps thicker, or sideswept?). So during our five-minute wait, we flipped through a brochure illustrating seven styles with celebrity pictures. The Pixie, for example, is a variation on Victoria Beckham?s spiked bangs, while the Cleopatra?s thick horizontal curtain resembles Rose Byrne?s dramatic locks.

We opted for the Starlet, a bang of mid-thickness sported by Reese Witherspoon and Kate Moss that can be worn straight down or swept sideways. At only $20 plus tip, our Bang Station visit was a lot cheaper and quicker than a lunchtime face-lift, but the way it cleans and youthens can be just as rejuvenating. 

The Private Room, 9414 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills; 310-247-2228 or

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