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In the summer, there was Yogaqua. For the fall and winter, we’re loving the idea of channeling our inner child with AcroYoga. This new class at Silverlake’s Yoga at the Raven involves oms, stretching and inversions, as well as flying, giggling and Thai massage.

On the rise since 2003, AcroYoga is a guided combination of yoga and acrobatics, but you don’t have to be a master at either to have a good workout. Each Wednesday and Friday evening, two skilled teachers demonstrate partnered aerial yoga moves that make traditional poses seem clunky by comparison.

To warm up, participants run around the room in a let-loose jog, jump up and down and make faces at their neighbors. These shenanigans instantly put you in a playful mood. It’s a good idea to bring an equally playful friend (or make a new one), because the class involves lots of spotted moves, such as backbends performed on a partner’s legs, or inversions balanced atop a fellow classmate.

After class is over, members give one another Thai massages to help loosen muscles and leave with a renewed sense of balance, empowerment, joy and--we bet--a giddy smile.

AcroYoga at Yoga at the Raven, 2910 Rowena Ave.; 323-644-0828 or

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