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Sometimes it?s important to have an all-in-good-fun fright--especially at a scary movie with a husband or boyfriend. This Halloween season, however, we?ve got an option that?s even better than Paranormal Activity 4: a visit to a DTLA haunted house.

Blumhouse of Horrors (which was actually created by a Paranormal coproducer) is for adults only and has a backstory as tantalizing as its location--the 1920s Variety Arts Theatre on Figueroa. The story goes that a magician was performing at the theater until one of his tricks took an ugly turn and caused a woman to disappear...forever. You uncover the tale as you?re led in groups of 15 up stairs, down alleys and finally onstage--and we found this historical element particularly chilling. 

Wolves leap out from behind furniture and the seemingly dead lurch to life during the approximately 45 minute-long visit. Tickets cost $32, and the house is open Thursday through Saturday nights through November 3 (with afternoon lights-on tours for those afraid of the dark). We think the 6 p.m. time slot is best, since it lets us work up an appetite for dinner at one of downtown?s reassuringly bright restaurants like Umamicatessen

Or maybe we?ll just order a drink to calm our nerves.

Blumhouse of Horrors, 940 S. Figueroa St.;

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