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Our hair is our crowning glory, but after so much processing--color, straightening, blow-drying--that poor mane is looking a little tarnished. Luckily, we?re getting our natural shine back, thanks to a new all-organic hair treatment bar called The Broot.

This Santa Monica salon offers a menu of hair masks made from Whole Foods-worthy ingredients. There?s one formula for strengthening (with banana, egg, oil and honey), another for rehydration (mayonnaise, avocado, oil and honey) and others for softness, reconstruction and maintenance.   

For $35, a staffer washed our hair, massaged in freshly blended ingredients, then wrapped our locks in plastic to bake under a heat lamp for 15 minutes. We relaxed amid ladylike decor (think crystal chandeliers, prettily upholstered furniture and a plethora of coffee-table books) and, after a rinse, had the opportunity to self-style or get a professional French braid. 

The location is just across the street from hit nail salon Bellacures. Both salons are owned by Samira Asemanfar, who has long home-mixed organic hair potions. 

After leaving her newest venture with our hair shinier and bouncier than it?s been in months, we can?t help thinking she has another hit salon concept on her hands.

The Broot, 1626 Montana Ave., Santa Monica; 310-230-5317 or

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