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Candy junkies--you know who you are--no longer have to skulk around 7-Eleven aisles or find Beverly Hills parking just to get their fix. Now shopping for sweet treats is as fun and easy as enjoying them, thanks to the new Dylan?s Candy Bar, which has just opened at the Original Farmers Market at the Grove. 

This bright, Lucite-bedecked boutique selling more than 7,000 varieties of candies is the first West Coast outpost of a New York institution. Founded 11 years ago by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren, the company?s cute logo and on-trend offerings (salty-sweet chocolate potato chips, for example) make shopping there both fashionable and delicious. 

Sweets (many available in scoopable bulk) include beloved juvenilia (gummy worms, Sour Patch Kids) and graham-cracker-and-chocolate clodhoppers, as well sophisticated Belgian chocolate-dipped strawberries and brownies (ten for $65) and pecan-caramel patties in a Byzantine paper-wrapped box (ten for $14). 

We?ll be picking up snacks for a nearby movie and also for last-minute gifts for our professional contacts or even political-minded cronies. And if a package of the new chocolate bark full of trail mix ($12.50) ends up in our personal stash, so much the better.

Dylan?s Candy Bar, 6333 W. Third St.; 323-930-1600 or

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