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Lately it?s been hot enough to warrant dips in the icy Pacific. But for anyone concerned about baring too much skin to the sun?s harmful rays, we?ve got a great solution: Parasol.

This new company makes sun-protective clothing developed by former Vogue fashion editor Alexandra Kotur and former attorney Tiffany Moller. Confounded by the dearth of functional yet fashionable cover-ups, the duo came up with a collection of swim shirts ($165), figure-flattering miniskirts to wear in and out of the water ($105) and sarongs in both florals and solids (from $98). 

The cleverest design might be an all-day swim dress ($138) with adjustable ruched sides that can be hiked up for a quick dip, then lowered for lunch at the beach club.

Besides great looks, Parasol has science on its side: The Italian-made, nonchemically-treated Lycra absorbs 98 percent of the sun?s rays when both wet and dry. Compared with plain cotton, which has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of only 5 and loses 50 percent of its blocking power when wet, the sun-savvy selection is clear.

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