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We love the idea of letting our beloved dogs and cats vacation while we?re out of town. But a South African safari for four-legged friends? Now that?s an option, thanks to Culver City?s Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery.

The new 16,000-square-foot facility is owner Patricia Werre?s labor of love; in 2010, she left a career in high tech to follow her true love of working with animals. She had the idea while on safari at the luxe Londolozi Game Reserve, hence her facility?s exotic decor.

Walls are covered with mats of dried grass; rather than chain-link fence, the central pet play area--where dogs gambol in small groups--is set off by a reed-inset wooden fence. And unlike in the actual animal kingdom, puppies and elderly dogs loll in a private, calmer area, and cats frolic in a room with an oversized Habitrail-style wheel.

Londoloza overnights up to 90 dogs (from $23 a dog) and 24 cats (from $12 a cat), and you can even order on-site grooming during pet stays. 

Local pet-rescue operations are given discounted rates--so on any given day, there might be a handful of bichons frises from Bichons and Buddies ready to be adopted. Since we sent Fido to Londoloza, his dog days of summer have just gotten more memorable.

Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery, 3416 Wesley St., Culver City; 310-237-5003 or

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