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Though we?ve heard scare stories about an epidemic killing large numbers of bees--nature?s essential pollinating tool--we haven?t exactly known how we can help. Luckily, a husband-and-wife team have started a local educational, political and, above all, cheerful group that seeks to think globally and sweeten locally.

HoneyLove, started by Rob and Chelsea McFarland, sponsors monthly events to help people do everything from responsibly relocating wild bees to making beeswax candles. HoneyLove also leads local efforts to legalize beekeeping in residential neighborhoods. (Currently, it?s only permitted in Santa Monica.) So far eight town councils including Silverlake and Hollywood United have signed on to look into the initiative.

The group?s big annual event, National Honey Bee Awareness Day, is coming up on August 18. That afternoon supporters like beekeeper Kirk Anderson and Vanishing of the Bees filmmaker George Langworthy will speak at a Westside band shell, then retire to a nearby gallery for an art show and party. 

We?re excited to explore keeping bees of our own. Who knows, maybe we could install one of the vivid new BuBees hives ($300) made by Malibu-based designer Steve Steere. Then we?ll be both eco- and design-forward.

National Honey Bee Awareness Day, West L.A. Civic Center Bandshell, 1645 Corinth Ave.; 424-625-8233 or

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