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We love music but have a hard time keeping up with new artists and tracks. Luckily, we’ve discovered new technology that lets us easily listen to great stuff, for free, on our laptop or iPad.

Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW--which we love for NPR news programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered--is also our favorite source for eclectic, enjoyable playlists from smart, engaging DJs. (We’re especially fangirls of director of music development Anne Litt.) And now these DJs’ musical selections are available via streaming app Spotify in up-to-the-minute playlists.

It’s easy to use: Just download Spotify, then type “KCRW” in the search box. You’ll see pages of playlists, vividly depicted by snapshots of the DJs as well as the musicians’ album covers. And it’s all low commitment: You can get KCRW tunes via both the free and premium ($10 a month and commercial-free) Spotify subscriptions. 

In addition to listening to full playlists, you can also look up the song you heard that morning in the car on 89.9: For us, it was “Try a Little Tenderness,” from  Florence and the Machine on MTV Unplugged. After a couple recent listens, we’ve learned indie songstress Regina Spektor has a new LP and checked out a cut from the just-released Fiona Apple record.

No more trying to find time to browse Amoeba Records; we’re lending KCRW’s Spotify app our ear.

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