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Lately, there?s been a lot of talk in urban planning circles about ?third places?: public areas where people gather in addition to their homes and offices. Now there?s a designery yet low-key spot we?re grooming to be our new happy place: Sonos Studio.

This art gallery?hangout was started by a fancy audio component maker, and inside its La Brea storefront, Sonos Studio focuses not on images but music appreciation. Cool white walls and eclectic furniture (velvet couch, powder-coated work table) scattered around the expanse draw you in as if you were entering an artist?s work studio.

In one area, there?s a sound installation by Luke Fischbeck in which participants grab ceiling-mounted ropes to make unique, flute-like compositions. Meanwhile, a few staff tap on their laptops and are happy to lend the Wi-Fi code or get you a cup of coffee from the in-house cappuccino bar.

On a recent afternoon, we whiled away a few hours listening to a Neil Young superset bouncing around the studio?s perfect acoustics. We got a bit of work done, and left blissed out in a way we never have after chilling at the Coffee Bean.

Sonos Studio, 145 N. La Brea;

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