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We?re putting our love of the outdoors--as well as our physical fitness--to the test this summer by taking a weekend wilderness-survival-training course. Hey, Katniss made it look possible in The Hunger Games, right?

According to the Survival Training School of California, the secret to making your way in the woods isn?t brute force but information: ?Knowledge equals power equals freedom? is the motto guiding classes lasting from one day to multiple weeks. As neophytes, we?re signing up for the weekend skills course ($225), in which students leave from the school?s headquarters two hours north of Los Angeles in Tehachapi for a camping trip that involves learning how to forage edible plants, make a fire with sticks, fashion a primitive trap, purify water and other survival basics.

Additional classes include a weekend-long field course ($250): hiking without trails, then building a survival camp--a truly rugged sojourn with only what you find, trap and build to both shelter and feed you and your classmates. It sounds like rough stuff, but we?re emboldened by leaders such as Thomas Coyne, a former wilderness firefighter who trekked 135 miles from Death Valley to Mount Whitney last year without bringing any food, water or shelter--just for fun.

We don?t know about such derring-do, but we?re looking forward to testing our own personal best.

Survival Training School of California, Tehachapi; 805-503-8861 or


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