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We?ve loved Kimberly Ovitz since she started her own luxury fashion line in 2009. The native Californian?s recent collection of black skinny pants and draped tees was as elegant as Audrey Hepburn and as edgy as Lisbeth Salander.

Now she?s launched an equally creative diffusion line, O by Kimberly Ovitz. Unlike her first collection, which retails for $400 or more, none of these new tops and dresses cost more than $200.

The intriguing Riku dress ($175) is a T-shirt dress with a draped wing of fabric over one shoulder. The Haru dress ($160) is a tank maxi dress with a graduated hem. And the Doni top?s ($125) slightly cropped front and loose sleeves turn a T-shirt into a fashion statement. In colors like gold, rust and red (as well as black and white), there?s a hue to flatter any complexion.

Ovitz says comfort is key in these pieces, which are all made from super-soft Tencel, a biodegradable fabric made of wood pulp. In fact, she advocates wearing these garments to bed, then keeping them on the next day. 

We think Ovitz has just taken Cali-casual to the next level.

Available at Madison, 8745 W. Third St.; 310-275-1930 or

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