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Perhaps you?ve had the experience of having the household iPad monopolized by your spouse, your children or visiting relatives. Now prepare to share even more of your precious handheld tablet time with Fluffy, as cat apps take over the iPad.

But there?s an upside to this feline tech monopolizing: A shelter in Los Angeles has taken artwork created by its charges and created note cards sold to benefit its operations. The Long Beach?based Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCALA) came up with the scheme after four of its four-legged charges played Paint for Cats. This app depicts a squeaking mouse scampering across the screen; when a cat swipes, a paw print of color is left behind as the mouse runs away.

SPCALA is selling ten note cards in bright-pink- and blue-splotched patterns reminiscent of Jackson Pollock and LSD for $6; designs are drolly named ?A Study in Feather Toys? and ?Movement in Catnip.? After Animal Planet aired a Must Love Cats segment on the project a few months ago, hundreds of the sets were sold online. And happily, the cats have since been adopted by good homes--hopefully ones with wireless Internet.

SPCLA, 5026 W. Jefferson Blvd.; 888-772-2521 or

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