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The solution to our personal water crisis is at hand. We're referring to the late-afternoon energy crash that befalls us when we realize we didn't drink enough water during the day and we're feeling our blood sugar plummet. Usually we just have a cup of coffee to wake up, but then we're even more dehydrated.

Now there's a yummy and healthful alternative to the vicious dehydration-caffeination cycle: Coco Cafe. The drink was invented by a couple of Santa Monica beach-going buddies who noticed the popularity of electrolyte-boosting coconut water and the glut of coffee-toting beachgoers. They married the two into one beverage, which tastes a little like a diluted iced latte (tip: Coco Cafe tastes best icy cold).

We polish off one of these 11-ounce $3 yellow cartons (which look like juice boxes for grown-ups) whenever we want a pick-me-up that's gentle and won't leave us jittery. It's a great alternative to those harsh canned energy drinks that the kids knock back, with its blend of coconut water, low-fat milk, organic espresso and a touch of sugarcane juice.

Coco Cafe is available at most southern California Whole Foods and at

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