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Fake flowing locks look great in fashion spreads, but in real life and up close, they rarely look natural. That?s why we were especially wary of eyelash extensions. (Fake hair? Glued to our eyelids?) But a couple of hours with Makeup Mandy turned us into converts.

Mandy Jacobellis, a makeup artist and proprietor of a five-room Melrose Avenue salon, is West Hollywood?s Our Lady of the Doe Eyes. She specializes in false eyelashes, beginning with party lashes that last from one night ($25) to a week ($50). But ardent followers lie supine, eyes closed, for up to two hours, to receive LAshX faux-mink lashes that last for months (from $350). Each natural lash hair gets a double-long extension glued to it, and Mandy suggests customized options. (Kim Kardashian?s heavy-center lashes are oft-requested, but we opted for a Bardot cat eye.)

Initially, we thought our lashes looked too dramatic on our bare face. A week later, we don?t know how we ever looked in the mirror without these lightweight little friends; we don?t even have to wear eye makeup. When we do, we apply Mandy?s LAshX liner (from $120), a non-steroidal eyelash-growing formulation without the risk of iris discoloration

It?s our favorite little fashion secret since the push-up bra.

Makeup Mandy, 8441 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; 310-858-1970 or

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