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Anyone with thinning hair would welcome a radical cure---and thanks to a Japanese oncologist, one has arrived in a new hair-care line.

The word radical comes from the Latin radicalis, meaning "of roots," and that's where Phylia de M. shampoo ($35), conditioner ($40) and treatment spray ($60) go to work. Product developer Dr. Dick Miyayama theorizes that hair gets thinner when it's not getting the proper nutrients due to stress or internal imbalances; the way to make sure essential keratin gets to hair follicles is to regenerate their surrounding nerves.

Phylia de M.'s magic comes from its proprietary blend of botanicals grown on Dr. Miyayama's farm in Mexico. We're no scientists, but we love the way these natural ingredients (including aloe, chamomile, lavender, orange blossom and rosemary) make our hair look and feel: fuller, shinier and, after we apply the post-conditioning leave-in treatment, with a more tingly, alive-feeling scalp.

It takes three months for significant hair regeneration to show, but Phylia de M.'s short-term benefits alone make us glad we took the cure.

Phylia de M. is available at Byron & Tracey Salon, 9294 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills; Satine, 8134 W. Third St., Los Angeles; and

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