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Jennifer Lawrence schools Dave Letterman in inner beauty

What does America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, do when she’s got stress-related stomach troubles? She has a colonic.

Now that a movie star has told millions of TV viewers all about her bowel cleansing, we figure we can come clean about this alternative health practice--colonic hydrotherapy--too. 

Without going into too much detail, here’s how it works: Basically, a therapist pumps water into your insides, cleaning them all out. The theory is that you’re removing blockages that might be leading to headache, fatigue and irritability. All we know is, after the approximately 45-minute session, you feel energized.

You obvi want super-hygienic surroundings and experienced technicians, which is why we like the chill vibe at new downtown spa The Springs, where therapists use a gentle gravity-fed machine ($125). Moon Juice in Venice will refer you to a colonicist to boost the effectiveness of juice cleanses. And Gentle Wellness Center in Santa Monica which offers the procedure ($95) along with lymphatic drainage massage, a soft touch designed to improve circulation.

And did we mention? The procedure leaves you feeling five pounds lighter.

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