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Raw almond milk and Jeff Leaf, founder of Mylkman

A riddle: What do you get when you cross a raw foodist with a milkman? Answer: Lucky--since he delivers raw almond milk that's healthier and lower calorie than cow's milk.

That's the case with Mylkman, a Venice-based delivery service that brings a mixture of pulverized almonds and Thai coconut milk to your door. While almond milk has been consumed since the Middle Ages as a Lenten substitute for animal milk, recently it's come into favor in the modern world for its low-fat and low-calorie content (70 calories per glass), lactard friendliness and loads of skin-nourishing vitamin E.

Mylkman's product is a cut above most almond milks: Each 32-ounce batch ($14) is freshly made and delivered Thursdays to any doorstep in L.A. County. (You just leave a cooler at your front door if you won't be home.) As prepared by handsome raw foodist and former Rawvolution cook Jeff Leaf, Mylkman almond milk is so fragrant, nutty and refreshing, it's been described by one food critic as "liquid crack."

There's a two-bottle minimum for deliveries, but since almond milk can be used in recipes and coffee and drunk by the glass, it's not hard to use up a half gallon of the stuff in a week--so it even wins points for convenience.

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