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Thrive Market
We're all about organic greens and blue chips at our door

Grocery shopping is many things, but relaxing is not one of them. Between the parking hassle and sticker shock (looking at you, Whole Foods!), well let’s just say we need a glass of biodynamic wine by the time we’re done.

Here’s a solution: Thrive Market, the new online wholesale health food store. Think of it as the lovechild between Costco and Erewhon Natural Foods...if the stork dropped off the delivery at your door

It works like this: you register for a free month’s membership and get 15 percent off your first order from gazillions of below-retail-cost products. If you like your haul, you pay $60 for a year’s membership. 

You make up that membership fee in your first couple grocery orders. And best of all, it’s an investment in efficiency, since dozens of specialty diet foods are already presorted for you. That means you click one button to see Paleo, vegan, gluten-free and more. 

Easy, healthy shopping: We’ll toast an antioxidant-rich glass of red to that.

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