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The Cocktail Lab
The Cocktail Lab gives the Moscow Mule an extra kick.

Sure, you might hire a bartender for your massive holiday shindig, but how can you make smaller cocktail hours special?

Go prestige one-stop shopping at The Cocktail Lab, the new spot near the Grove that caters to amateur mixologists. 

The cheery boutique is lined with specialty mixers and add-ins. (Next year it will have a license for the hard stuff, too.) Plus, there are vintage bar accessories and classes (like the December 11 Bloody Mary exploration).

Thirsty yet? We’ve narrowed down the stock to three must-have purchases. 

1. The artisan bitters kit ($28) includes lime, chocolate, lavender and grapefruit flavors--just add three to five drops to your favorite cocktail to make it all bartender-complex. 

2. The prickly pear margarita mixer ($22) blends with tequila and triple sec to create a novel and cactusy favorite.

3. Everyone uses citrus slices as garnish. Set yourself apart with tangy candied ginger ($6).

Use your new ingredients to make a Moscow Calling, an easy update of the beloved ginger-ale-and-vodka staple.

The Cocktail Lab, 7605 1/2 Beverly Blvd.; 323-591-1664 or

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