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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest--pick your poison, social media junkies. Or better yet, try Spin My Planet, a new idea in digital sharing.

This free app allows you to post moving pictures--but with a twist. These files, called “spins,” aren’t videos; they’re little stop-motion animations of 5 to 25 frames. (Like really, how cute is this example?) You share a spin on the app’s own social network, or message a link to a friend. You can post to Facebook and embed it in your own blog, too. 

The best thing about Spin My Planet is the way it works. You don’t just look at pictures or start a video. (Can’t you just hear the kids exclaiming, “Pushing play is so last year!”?) Instead, you swipe your finger across an image to make it move--like in this video how-to. So you can see your kid’s cartwheel in slo-mo or your dog’s new trick backward and forward.

Spin My Planet is free, easy to use (you basically just fire off a bunch of pictures, and the app does the rest) and captures the movement of our active L.A. lives. Download it and get hooked--and remember, you heard it here first.

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