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The Pudding Truck
The pistachio baklava pudding has hints of honey and cinnamon.

Leave it to our city’s foodie culture to turn a childhood favorite into a sophisticated adult dessert. Goodbye, boxed pudding mix. Hello, Pudding Truck!

For the past few months, chef Carrie Cohen has been parking her pastel-painted vehicle at arty events around town, selling handmade puddings in flavors that range from the simple (chocolate, vanilla bean) to the nouvelle (beer, coffee, maple). But what really sets this sweet apart is Cohen’s recipe and ingredients. She includes seasonal fruits and flavors and always has vegan options. 

The secret to her vegan pudding (in banana, Key lime coconut, chocolate hazelnut varieties) is that she swaps in a little more cornstarch for eggs to thicken the formula--while still keeping it super-smooth.

For fans of de trop desserts, the truck offers toppings like banana slices, hazelnut chunks, brownie bites, chocolate mints and more. We recommend starting simple, though: Order a small cup ($3) of vegan chocolate hazelnut with a sprinkling of sea salt. 

You’ll find the Pudding Truck at this Saturday’s Derby Dolls match; follow the chef’s Twitter feed to see where it’s taking its smooth moves next.

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