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Rex recognizes a tasty manicure when he sees one.

Nail art is fun, but the Katy Perry 3-D route isn’t for us. We prefer something more everyday, something personalized. 

So we’re creating custom nail wraps with a new smartphone app called My NCLA, from beloved local nail gurus NCLA

It’s super easy: After downloading the app, you choose an image from your photo library and preview what it looks like set inside ten nail-sized outlines. Cupcakes, your favorite wave break, even animal print all make great nail art.

To gild the lily, so to speak, you can add a half moon or stripes to your designs (from $19 a set) before hitting purchase. A week and a half later, you’ll get a pack of stick-on wraps in the mail. You can put them on yourself or, if you’re all thumbs like us, take them to your manicurist to apply. 

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