Twice the Vice chocolates
You can pick your poison, since each candy is labeled with its liquor.

Your dad enjoys his single-malt scotch. Your best friend still swears by cosmos. And if you’re having a cocktail, you love a refreshing mint julep.

Now, thanks to Twice the Vice, you can treat everyone (including yourself) to his or her favorite drink--in candy form.

 ?This new edible collection from Los Angeles confectioner and cookbook author Craig Boreth has a special surprise inside: Belgian chocolate ganache infused with one eighth of a shot of liquor. ??

The booze content of these babies is so high--the max you’re allowed to put in chocolate--that many states have shipping restrictions against them. (Sorry, New Yorkers.) But in live-and-let-live California, Twice the Vice can deliver them right from its downtown factory.

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