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Magnolia Bakery
Eating seasonal justifies pumpkin cupcakes, right?

Sure, a treat from Gelson’s bakery is an okay hostess gift. But this year, we’d rather make something drool-worthy. So we’re turning to Magnolia Bakery’s just-launched cupcake classes.

Each lesson takes you behind the scenes at the West Third Street location, where for two hours, a pastry chef entrusts students with tricks of the trade, from frosting to filling. The $75 classes include hands-on instruction and--best of all--everyone goes home with a box of six cupcakes.

Tomorrow night the inaugural class frosts flower cupcakes (like this show-off here). On October 28, learn to make pumpkin mini-cupcakes, as well as secrets of the signature Magnolia swirl. On November 11, the focus is on fillings; then on December 9, you’ll get tips on holiday decorations.

Call to reserve your space now. After all, doesn’t unlimited buttercream make for the ultimate happy hour?  

Magnolia Bakery, 8389 W. Third St.; 323-951-0636 or

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