Gary Baseman
This is not your mother's Coach bag.

During the recent New York spring fashion shows, the buzziest new name wasn’t a designer or blogger but an Angeleno cartoonist. Gary Baseman, a Fairfax Village native, decorated the new Coach collection with clawed gremlins and blindfolded bunnies. 

You’ve probably seen Baseman’s work. He invented the board game Cranium and is a frequent New Yorker illustrator. His imagery is in the pop-surrealist vein but with scary overtones (clowns look ghoulish, cute animals drip blood--that sort of thing).

The Coach items--which hit stores early next year--are sure to make Baseman both a major fashion player and a lowbrow-highbrow-art-scene darling. 

Don’t want to wait until 2015 for one of his wacky illo’d items? You can get similar shirts for cheap right now; click over to his website and buy a groovy veiny eye or ghost tee for a cool $35 each. 

Bonus: They’re perfect for Halloween.

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