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Looks like Bowser has a new best friend.

What won?t we do for our dog? We spray her with perfume, feed her artisanal chow and pay for doggie daycare, so of course we want to nab our little Princess the latest electronic gadget. 

We?re doing just that with iFetch, the new automated ball-throwing machine ($100) that tosses mini tennis balls 10, 20, even 30 feet. When your pet brings back the ball, she drops it into a hole in the top of the iFetch, prompting the machine to throw it again. It runs for 30 hours on one set of batteries, or it can be plugged in for never-ending days of doggie fun.

The family who developed the toy (so that their son could finish his homework without their energetic poodle interrupting him) say it?s easy to train your pet to use iFetch in a few sessions. Just limit lessons to ten minutes long and use treats to reward her when she successfully drops the ball into the launcher. Don?t believe it works? Watch this short video of happy, solo fetching canines. 

Buy iFetch online or at The Urban Pet, and get ready to put up your feet while your dog runs wild.

The Urban Pet, 7515 Beverly Blvd.; 323-933-2100 or

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