Ice Cream Lab
You stayed fit all summer. Now you can have blue velvet cake ice cream.

Big ups to September in Southern California, a time when we're still beachgoing in a bikini top while the rest of the country is buttoning up its business suit. In celebration of our seemingly endless summer, here's a list of our favorite new ice cream joints and seasonal flavors to try now.

Sweet Rose Creamery: Prickly pear granita is the fall must-have at this cult ice cream shop.

Stella's Best: Diners at Culina can't believe the chocolate fudge brownie flavor is dairy-, gluten- and soy-free.

Ice Cream Lab: A cup of blue velvet ice cream flash-frozen in front of our eyes? Yes, please.

Grassroots Alchemy: Dulce de leche goes from indulgent to healthful when it's made with nutrient-rich superfoods.

PureWow Recipes: Shhh--don't tell anyone it took only 15 minutes (and no special equipment) to whip up ricotta-honey ice cream.

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