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Kickstarter Film Festival
Tomorrow's Spielberg is unspooling today in the park.

That arty, dusty Burning Man might grab headlines, but we?re focused on an equally cool, lower hassle event closer to home: the Kickstarter Film Festival, which is happening Friday night in Griffith Park. 

Since there are more Kickstarter users in L.A. than anywhere else in the world, it?s no wonder the site?s throwing us a free party. Start by wandering around to sample Kickstarter-funded fare like barbecue from Eagle Rock, gourmet Reuben sandwiches, veggie ice pops and, this being a movie night, frozen popcorn.  

Then grab a spot to watch a teaser reel of some of the best flicks Kickstarter has backed. (It would take an insane amount of time to watch all the great ones, so look for them later on iTunes.) On our radar: Obvious Child, a delightfully bizarre twist on the rom-com; Rich Hill, a doc about three poor kids in Missouri that?s both heartrending and hopeful; and Kung Fury, a super-campy flick about a handsome, time-traveling martial-arts master.

The fest will also feature a giant telescope, a drivable Cadillac hot tub and lots of other fun, crowd-funded projects to play with. That?s entertainment, post-millennial style.

6 to 11 p.m., The Autry, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park;

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