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Mobile Office Must-Haves
Where's that Internet connection when you need it?

Angelenos practically live in our cars. So it?s no surprise that we work in them, too--especially since a tightened economy has forced us to be a little more, well, flexible.

Whether you need to be productive between appointments or just find some peace and quiet (and Wi-Fi), here are five problem-solving gadgets to turn your auto into a mobile workstation.

If your phone and tablet both run out of juice... Upgrade to a three-device charger ($14) so you can plug in small gadgets simultaneously.

If you want to power your laptop... Buy a power inverter ($30). It works like a phone charger but has a souped-up 200-watt output that lets you charge your computer with surge protection. 

If you want a proper work surface... Invest in a steering wheel tray ($24) or, for OCD types, a multi-compartment passenger?s seat desk (from $135).

If you keep looking down to follow navigation... Attach your phone to an air vent using a sleek clip ($30). 

If you need to connect to Wi-Fi... Get your own mobile hot spot, like this AT&T model ($170), which has a multifunction touch screen, wicked-fast connectivity and 12-hour battery life.

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