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Chocolatier Blue
No way we're waiting 'til Valentine's Day to nosh on these hearts.

They?re too pretty to eat. That?s the murmured refrain from customers at Abbot Kinney?s new Chocolatier Blue as they gaze over pieces in brilliant greens, oranges and reds.

To which we reply: No, they?re too tasty not to eat. The 28 kinds of chocolate truffles (that?s the candy with a hard exterior encasing a soft, flavored filling) are a mix of surprising flavors--even in today?s oversaturated gourmet chocolate marketplace. Plus, their vibrant colors and shapes look like modern art. 

Want coolly refreshing? Have the Mojito, a mix of mint, lime and white rum flavoring (there?s no real alcohol) shaped like a little green heart. How about some spice? Try the Chili, a tawny red, angular sculpture of crushed red pepper flakes, fresh cream and organic butter whose heat builds on the palate. More of a traditional chocolate lover? The Hazelnut contains a smooth roasted-nut filling dotted with grains of sea salt.

You can choose your favorite flavors individually ($1.50 a piece). Or better yet, say ?Surprise me!? to the server, who?ll curate a box of 12 ($30) for you. Take home the color guide to your chocolates and experience a whole new way to taste the rainbow.

Chocolatier Blue, 1522 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice;

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