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The Church Key
Excuse me stewardess, I'll have a made-to-order boozy ice pop

We’ve tried cocktails on tap, and sipped G & T’s from a wineglass. But boozy push pops prepared tableside? That’s a new thrill--and the specialty of the house at West Hollywood’s rollicking The Church Key.

To order, call over one of the servers--they roam around in retro flight attendant outfits pushing Pan Am Airlines carts--and ask for an “Odder Pop” ($10). The premixed cocktail, which comes in a plastic wrapper, is dipped into liquid nitrogen and flash-frozen right before your eyes. (Relax: Cheesy cocktails like Sex on the Beach are less embarrassing served in such a self-consciously kitsch way.) 

If you’re looking for something ever so slightly more sophisticated, get a canned Bloody Mary ($12) from the cart. It comes sealed in an old-fashioned tin can which your server opens with a pointy bottle opener (aka church key) that you get to keep as a souvenir.  

Oh yeah, try some small plates, too. Our favorites from the American dim sum menu: baby back ribs with cilantro-sesame marinade ($6) and a special take on “Cheetos” made from cheese-dusted pig ears ($6).

The Church Key, 8730 W. Sunset Blvd.; 424-249-3700 or

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