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Coordinates Collection
We're waking up to a favorite memory--thanks, bracelets!

Your childhood home. The L.A. marathon finish line. That spot where you always get stuck in traffic on the 405. Oh, these sacred spaces that mean so much to us. How can we commemorate them? 

We?re thinking it calls for a custom bauble: Coordinates Collection is a new jewelry line made in Los Angeles that etches the exact geographic location of your memory onto bracelets, necklaces and rings

Here?s how it works: Go to the website and select your preferred style. Our favorites are the minimalist Legend bracelet (from $204) and the skinny Amazon necklace ($183), because both pair well with our other pieces of jewelry and look great solo. 

Then type in a location--anything from a city name to an exact address--and the geocoding function will give you the corresponding longitude and latitude. Those coordinates will be engraved on the outside for everyone to see. (You can also add custom engraving on the interior, and even a sparkling stone to the exterior.) 

Added bonus: When anyone admires them, we get to recount the story of our lives.

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