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Looks like fun. Too bad we have to call you out on social media.

Cali is thirsty: 80 percent of our state is suffering from extreme drought. So even though we?re careful to turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, it irks us when we see sprinklers dousing our neighbors? lawns.

We?ve found a few tech-savvy ways to pressure everyone to stop being wasteful. Plus, we?re using a couple great apps that improve own conservation efforts. 

VizSafe Post a time- and geo-stamped photo via the free app showing a water waster along with an anonymous comment that other members of your community will see. 

Dropcountr This free app uses data from your water utility to track daily usage. It tells you your peak hours of consumption and makes suggestions on how to reduce it by 20 percent (as Governor Brown requested we do in January).

Drip Detective Find out how much that dripping faucet costs by tapping your iPhone screen with every drop. The free app calculates how many gallons and dollars (it can be in the hundreds) you?re throwing down the drain annually.

#Droughtshaming The Twitter hashtag is the social media solution to exposing water wasters. Include it in posts so that everyone from neighbors to water cops can know whom to contact.

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