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Grassroots Alchemy
Dried fruit and a blender can make frozen magic. Believe.

Ice cream: Love the sugar high, hate the glucose-and-lactose hangover. So what if we told you we discovered a frozen treat so packed with superfoods and nutrients, we’re left virtuous--not self-shaming?

That’s the specialty at Grassroots Alchemy, a café that serves raw meals, tonics and, yes, delicious sugar- and dairy-free ice cream using the principles of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

We skipped right over the entrées (another time, kelp noodles) and ordered the dulce de leche ice cream ($16).

The price tag may seem steep, but each order is made from scratch and usually takes about half an hour. We watched staffers measure tocos (nutrient-rich rice bran), Dandy Blend (a coffee substitute made from dandelion root), lucuma (an Andean superfood) and unicorn tears (kidding). Along with dates and almond butter, these make a latte-hued dessert large enough for two that’s so rich and creamy, it’s worth the wait. 

Next time we’ll try a Reese’s Peace Parfait (powdered greens, pumpkin-seed oil and chocolate, $18) and even ice cream made out of protein-packed spirulina ($18). Guilt-free frozen treats without the sugar crash--looks like we’ve found our new summer staple food.

Grassroots Alchemy, 8500 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; 424-302-0471 or

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