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Cats, abstract art--there's no limit to your chest now.

In the age of message-emblazoned T-shirts, why wear someone else’s slogan or image when you can wear your own? 

That’s why we’re heading straight to the Uniqlo pop-up shop in the Beverly Center, where you can design a shirt and have it printed on the spot.

It works like this: Make a beeline past the fast-fashion retailer’s jean leggings and seasonally inappropriate quilted vests to the back of the store, where there’s a table set with iPads. Just pick one up and start designing using the UTMe! app.

You can type a slogan in six-inch letters. Or paint colorful patterns with your fingertips. Or, best of all, pull an image from Instagram or Facebook. Feeling really daring? Press a button, then shake the iPad to add a special effect; the app will swirl, paint-splotch or pixelate your image as you shake. (The only rules forbid using profanity or copyrighted images.) 

Once you’re done, a staffer charges you $22.90 and 15 minutes later, you pick up your freshly printed, machine-washable shirt. (Ours was impressively sharp and colorful.) Customization and instant gratification--that’s a fashion pick-me-up.

Uniqlo, Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Blvd., Level 7; 310-854-0070 or

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