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Kodama Zomes
No, you don't have to install in the middle of a lake.

It?s not that we don?t love our visiting friends. And it?s not like we don?t adore spending time with our family. But sometimes, if we don?t commandeer a little alone time, we?ll go AWOL.

That?s why we?re outfitting our backyard with a new privacy swing. More like tiny rooms than the bare-bones swing sets of our childhood, these three models have sides and/or full backs that let us hide out without leaving home. 

Kodama Zome (from $2,700) is a hive-like structure of steel tubes, polyester webbing and a plywood base. The engineer who dreamed up the Zome (named after Buckminster Fuller?s geodesic dome) says one person can put it together in under an hour. We love the mosquito netting and Sunbrella cover options.

JLIP Rattan Patio Swing Chair and Stand ($360) is less pricey yet still attractive--in a prepster-meets-tiki kind of way. It?s lightweight, so you can just scoot it to a quiet spot on your deck.

Novica Hammock Swing Chair ($93) is made from cotton rope woven by artists in the Yucatán. We see ourselves nestling here with a pair of headphones, a good book and a nice glass of chilled rosé. Ah, peace--that?s our idea of a swinging time.

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