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Wheel House
So many cheeses, so little time.

Dinner-party dilemma: You offered to bring the cheese plate to your pal’s house. But you’re running late--and you can’t stomach the snobs at the store around the corner. 

Enter Wheel House, a new Culver City cheese shop that’s brimming with over a hundred international and local cheeses and more. 

A staffer there explained that a great cheese plate has variety, but that doesn’t mean sharp and mild cheddar. Choosing selections from the milk of different animals is this place’s no-fail strategy.  

Start with a tangy goat cheese--local Acapella is soft and creamy. Next, go for a firm, full-flavored sheep’s-milk cheese, like smoky Spanish Idiazabal. For cow’s milk, pick The Kiss, a Swiss cheese that’s super-rich thanks to soft-ripened double cream. (Note: Small-batch cheeses like these sell out frequently. If that’s the case, ask for something similar.) 

Round out your plate with one of the shop’s cured meats, as well as Marcona almonds, quince paste and green olives. Don’t forget the crusty Röckenwagner bread or Raincoast Crisps cranberry crackers.

Finally, jot down each cheese’s name and origin--that way, you’ll sound like a cheese whiz when you present your masterpiece to the host. 

Wheel House Cheese Shop, 12954 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City; 424-289-9167 or

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