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La Sriracha Macha
Your fridge is going to heat up with this bottle

Remember when Huy Fong Sriracha (a.k.a. Rooster Sauce) used to be SoCal’s best local foodie secret--until the rest of America caught on? 

Well, get ready for a new hyper-local flavor to wake up your palate--and impress out-of-towners: La Sriracha Macha. This sauce ($7) is a Mexican version of Sriracha, with the bright taste of the original toned down a bit courtesy of smoky chipotle peppers, which are mixed with jalapeños and serranos. Onion, cilantro and other seasonings are also added.

So how do you enjoy it? Add it to crushed fresh tomatoes to make an arrabiata for your pasta; skip the Tabasco and squirt it into your Bloody Mary; add a hint to noodle soups; and definitely mix it with ketchup or mayo to give your burger or sandwich a pleasant kick. Bottom line: Whatever you used to put the Vietnamese version on, sub in Sriracha Macha.

Hot stuff, indeed.

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