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Power to the design people.

It?s a modern paradox: We love our computer, smartphone and other electronics, but we can?t stand looking at those tangled cords connecting to an old power strip.

The solution: Okum, a Los Angeles-based design studio dedicated to making everyday objects more beautiful.

We discovered the studio?s version of the multi-plug strip, the Oon power outlet ($79). Its three maple-encased sockets are connected by a fabric-covered cord; it looks like a string of beads more than a piece of equipment. Not only is it prettier than the usual ugly white plastic, but it also works better: Sockets rotate freely, so one plug can pivot toward us while the others face whatever else is juicing up. 

The Oon outlet inspired us to browse the rest of designer David Okum?s wares. His studio also turns out swoon-worthy maple or walnut coat hooks ($60 for a set of three), a minimalist wood-grain clock ($98) and a giftable solid aluminum trivet (currently on back order). 

That?s it--we?re ordering some Okum products online as a decor pick-me-up. Because, people, it?s all about the little things.

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