Buster Store
Come sail away, come sail away...on Melrose.

Finding hidden gems around town is one of our specialties. (We sniffed out a speakeasy’s secret entrance behind a fridge at a tag sale, didn’t we?) Our latest discovery is equally surprising: a shop full of outdoorsy bibelots and garments inside a fancy lamp shop.

It’s called the Buster Store, and it’s the passion project of Marc Trabulus, the proprietor of Fantasy Lighting, Los Angeles’s go-to lighting design source for places like the Chateau Marmont and designers like Lulu deKwiatkowski. While glittering chandeliers may be Trabulus’s trade, his heart belongs to nature. So he turned a side room of his shop into a mini boutique filled with charming objets d’art, clothing and accessories. 

The secret of Trabulus’s eclectic interiors mix is his source--he finds ships in bottles, plein air paintings and unique sculptures in Idaho, where he has a vacation home. There are also new American-made items, like Buck pocketknives (from $18), Filson satchels (from $125) and Pointer Brand work jackets and men’s overalls ($95), which are snatched up by women to be worn over a white tank.

Sporty, sassy and unabashedly patriotic, browsing the Buster Store is the next best thing to hitting the open road. 

The Buster Store, 7126 Melrose Ave.; 323-933-7244 or thebusterstore.com

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