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Wellen Women
Don't look now, but your new favorite striped shirt is coming

We?re down with searching out-of-the-way spots for new clothing, from an alley off Abbot Kinney to a strip-mall boutique in Studio City. 

But the last place we thought we?d find our new favorite clothing shop was Kickstarter.

That?s right, Wellen Women, a preppy-meets-beach capsule collection, has chosen a unique way to launch: Using the digital crowdsourcing tool we usually associate with grassroots arts projects or Veronica Mars.

This approach is all about giving the customer what they want, according to Matthew Jung, head of the parent men?s surfwear brand, Wellen. Using Kickstarter, the company can tell before it even starts to make the clothes if it?s on the right track. (It needs $25,000 worth of orders placed to begin production.) 

The clothes are the type of easy jersey separates we find ourselves living in all year. There?s a long skirt in goes-with-everything gray jersey ($34) and a T-shirt in black, white and bright green ($26). Our favorite piece is a striped long-sleeved pullover with leather elbow patches ($52). 

Since Wellen has hit more than 70 percent of its goal already, we?re sure we?ll be sunning in stripes before we know it.

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