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What's not to love about a toxin-free kiss in coral?

Yikes: More than a thousand additives that are frequently used in U.S. beauty products are actually banned in Europe (like formaldehyde, a neurotoxin commonly found in body wash). 

So, short of scouring every label, how do you know what?s truly safe?

Look no further than Beautycounter, a Santa Monica-based company that sells nontoxic cosmetics in sleek packaging that?s more Chanel than Burt?s Bees.

You could browse it all online, but why not enjoy free wine and cheese while doing it in person at a party hosted by Beautycounter?s version of the Avon Lady? (Find one here.) The consultant will explain everything--from how to apply eye cream (with your ring finger) to why using fewer chemical additives isn?t just safer, it?ll stop skin from breaking out. (Thank goodness. We were wearying of seeking help at Sephora.)

Our favorites are the luxe-feeling Lustro face oils ($64), naturally scented with calendula, jasmine or ylang-ylang and wild chamomile. And we?re slathering on Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 face sunscreen ($34) after smoothing our skin with Glow Sugar Scrub ($38), which is free of those little plastic bits that are clogging up the water supply.

Losing the extra chemicals but keeping the luxe makeup look: We're ready for our close-up.

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