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Congratulations! All that exercise and meditation you’ve been doing lately has you feeling grounded. 

Now take your peaceful self to the next level--that is, upside down--at Up Flying Yoga, a new studio where you use circus aerialist equipment to perform yoga moves in midair.

Sure, aerial yoga sounds crazy (why do it?) and scary (we might fall!). But when we stepped into the dim loft space, we were fascinated. Our teacher walked us to a wide loop of stretchy silk hanging from the ceiling, called a hammock. (Installed by Cirque du Soleil technicians, it's certified to hold up to 1,000 pounds.)

Next she explained how using the hammock makes inversion poses easier and is crazy good for back decompression. After a few quick pointers on hand positioning and a bit of stretching, we sat in our hammock, lifting our feet off the ground.

The rest of the class was a giggly fun, as we went through the surprisingly easy positions. The hardest part was sit-ups, since we had no solid floor to cheat with. (And we got a little seasick when we spun upside down.) 

We may not be a pro aerialist yet, but Pink, you’d better watch your back. 

Classes are $25; Up Flying Yoga, 11101 Ventura Blvd., Studio 6, Studio City, behind Bollywood Cafe; 310-893-0941 or

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