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Unplug Meditation
Step right in to your new om

Meditation: It’s a tonic for health and happiness. But we’re not really into yoga teachers spouting quasi-religious bromides as we try to keep still on a lumpy cushion. 

Can’t someone just help us calm down in pretty surroundings, without the creepy cult factor? The answer is yes at the new Unplug Meditation studio in Brentwood. 

Envisioned by owner Suze Yalof Schwartz as being the DryBar of meditation, Unplug has daily guided meditation sessions without any oms, incense or guru wisdom. Instead, there are 30- and 45-minute classes ($20) with minimal talking and maximum chillaxing.

Our half-hour focus meditation took place in a large, dimly lit room, where we leaned back in an ultra-padded floor chair and closed our eyes. The teacher suggested we set an intention--something we wanted--and to see it in our mind’s eye as our focus inevitably drifted. The class ended with a soft bell ring.

On our way out, our head was clear, and we felt positively giddy--but we couldn’t resist browsing the shop’s T-shirts, sleek scent diffusers and cashmere wraps selected by former Vogue editor Schwartz. 

Sigh. We’ll keep working on our focus.

Unplug Meditation, 12401 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 101; 310-826-8899 or

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