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Your Little Local
If you're thirsty, it will come

En garde, hostesses. You’re entering outdoor party season, in which you and your friends will be vying for the title of summer 2014’s Most Memorable Fete.

Now here’s a secret weapon: Your Little Local

This charming 1954 camper has been reconfigured into a bar that parks practically anywhere--from the pool to your front lawn. (Think of it as an ice cream truck, but boozy.) 

Owner Alex Long, a New Zealand native based in Venice, has tricked out the vehicle with a bar-nanza of features: Inside there’s a solid wood counter, two ice sinks, a minifridge, vintage barware and a booth-as-VIP area. Outside the breezy windows, you get folding chairs, lights, buntings, crates, rugs and bar stools to create an Instagram-worthy outdoor gathering space. 

This is the deal: You must supply the liquor and snacks, but the trailer comes with two servers to tend bar and keep glasses filled. While Your Little Local isn’t cheap (from $800 for six hours), we think it’s worth it for a party centerpiece that’s arranged with a simple phone call and carts away the trash for you.

As for the admiring, envious looks you’ll get from your friends? Now that’s good humor.

Your Little Local; 310-774-6701 or

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