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Richard Simmons
Still cray cray after all these years

We’re always up for a hot new workout, but since exercise fads wash through Los Angeles as quickly as a cold-pressed juice, we try not to get too attached. Which is why we visited Slimmons, the studio run for 30-plus years by Richard Simmons.  

That’s right, at 65, Simmons is still shilling for healthy eating and vigorous exercise in his signature style. And while instructors lead low-impact cardio classes daily, if you go on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, you might be taught by the former talk-show host himself (call first to make sure he’s in town).

Simmons makes a big entrance--sometimes sporting a tutu or crazy sunglasses--and then gets down to business. The hour-long cardio sessions are full of basic moves like leg lifts, but the many reps had our heart pumping--and our quads super-sore.

Classes cost $12 and tend to be crowded. So for a great sight line, attend one of Simmons’s motivational speeches, held Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.; that way you’ll be in place when the horde streams in for the 11:15 aerobics. Post-class, take a picture with the teacher--you’ll want a selfie as a souvenir.

Slimmons, 9306 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-275-4663 or

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