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Good Times at Davey Wayne's
Vintage soda cans are art at this bar

It’s hard to resist a good garage sale. (You never know what gems you might discover among the junk.) But a garage sale that turns into a ’70s-themed bar? Now that’s the ultimate find. 

We’re talking about Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, a new Hollywood bar whose secret entrance is hidden amid--you guessed it--a garage sale. (Hint: Enter through the fridge.) Inside, you’re greeted by Naugahyde sofas, tacky oversized lamps and old-school wood paneling. And to really set the mood, a DJ spins solid gold ’70s funk (cue Kool & the Gang).

Get a retro-themed cocktail, like the Some People Call Me Maurice, a grasshopper made with cinnamon-infused mescal and served in a giant snifter ($12). Or order a boozy snow cone out in the backyard, where you can pull up a deck chair and play a game of five-foot Jenga with friends. 

After savoring a slaw-topped pulled-pork sandwich ($6) and an order of street corn ($5) from the deck’s cute trailer turned short-order kitchen, we felt ready to reenter the 21st century--but only after picking up a vintage Elton John album from the items on sale out front.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, 1611 N. El Centro Ave.; 323-962-3804 or

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